Lessons with my horses:

If you dont have your own horse, but would like til have lessons anyway, it’s possible to come to Mosegården and have lessons with one of my horses. You can have just a few lessons or even permanent once a week.

Lessons with your own horse:

I drive out an give lessons after appointment.
If your area is not already on one of my routes, you are welcome to contact me, and I will put your area in. You are always welcome to make an appointment for a leson here at Mosegården with your own horse.


Online lessons:

Online lessons is good for you, who does not have the possibelity to resive frequent and affordable ‘real life’ lessons.

We have som different oppotunities of Online lessons.

  1. ‘Live’ Lessons via Zoom (you can download it for free).

You have to use a Tablet or a cellfone with good internet connection where you train, and a wireless headset with good connection to the cell over a distance.

You can use a helper to walk arround with you, filming. this will make the best result, because i will be able to see all details.

If you have no helper, you can place the Tablet or cell on the fence, and mark the perimeter of the camera, so that you can stay within its frame.

Then you just need to book a time with me, tranfer the lesson fee, and you will get a lesson at home, with my voice in your ear.


2. Online Coaching.

What do you need to do?

  • Make a video of your training, max. 30min( it can be Riding, Groundwork, longing eller work in hand).
  • Upload the video on YouTube ( you can choose the Private setting)
  • Send me the Link, and your thoughts and questions 
  • I will give you Feedback via Email or phone call, and give advcse on how you can improve your training
  • Payment via bank transfer


Week Student:

To be a week student is ideal for:

  • You who travel from a long distance
  • You who wants a better time for learning specifics
  • You who wants to develop his/her riding and understanding in a shorter time

Before you arrive as a week student, we will make an appointment on when in the daytime your lesson will be, so that the time will fit in both our schedules.

When you arrive as a week student, your horse will get a box and a paddock. you will bring your own feed and hay for your horse. if not, it cant be bought here.

you have to feed your horde, and muck your own box and paddock dayli.

It is possible to pay for the dayli mucking and feeding.