Clinics & Lectures

Throughout the year, I give clinics in different places, and also at Mosegården. The Clinics and Lectures that are held with me, you can find under “Activitie Calender”

I can be hired to give clinics in any country arround the world.

If you would like to become a Clinic Organizer, you can read about how to do that under: ”Clinic Organizer”.

I am fluent in English and Danish. But i do understand ‘Scandinavian’ and some German.

At most of the clinics, it is possible to participate as a “theosist” (participate without a horse). This can be very instructive, and wil be able to return home with lots of inspiration an new knowledge. As a ‘theorist’ you will participate in all the theory lessons, ask questions, and you can observe all the riding lessons.

My coal as an instructor is to pass on the experience, the knowledge and the understanding og the Academic art of Riding that i have gained through the years. I want to help others to figure out where they want to go with their training of their horses.

Of course you can not expect to be able to school a horse in a few days, when most of the work is done at home, where you don’t always have an instructor by your side to guide you.

That is why, I teach in a very simpel an logic way, so that the student get a good understandig of why and how we practice the simple elements, so the student will be able to practice the homework by them selves.

The clinics consists of theory lessons an single riding lessons, where the participants with horses will get a 30 min. lesson each. In the theory lessons all participants can ask all their questions. And it is possible to dive deeper in to the topics. The amount of lessons pr. equipage and theory lessons, depents on how the orginizer has arranged the clinic.

Topics that is often work with during a clinic

  • Communication through the seat
  • giving secundary aids
  • learning and using execises
  • Structuring training with the horse in harmony with its body and mind
  • The halt and transitions
  • training the young horses
  • Groundwork and longing