Lessons at Mosegården:

250Dkk pr. Lesson


Online Lessons:

Live Lessons via Skype: 250 Dkk pr. Lesson

Online Coachind: 350Dkk pr. Lesson


Week Student at Mosegården:

Training with one of Marias horses: 2300Dkk

2000Dkk pr. week (own horse)

(Sunday(arrival) – Friday or saturday(departure)

price is incl.:

  • 1 lesson a day monday – friday
  • box and paddock for your horse

Mucking and feeding all week: 300Dkk

Rent a room for the week: 1000Dkk

Lessons at your place: 


1 lesson is appox. 30 minuts

Driving fee is 10,- /km and is added the price for a lesson. There are no driving fee in a radius of 15km from Mosegården.
– If you are more riders in a stable, the driving fee will be divided between all participants.

I train/ Ride your horse: 350Dkk

  • Lesson on a school horse (only at Mosegården): 350Dkk
  • Lesson at your place, with a minimum of 7 horses and a maximum 15 horses: 250,- /horse (no driving fee on Sealand)

Breaking in Horses & Horses in Training:

 7000Dkk /month

  • Incl. eed og haylage (is the horse has a large comsume, there will be an extra feeding fee)
  • The owner pays for Vet and farrier/ trimmer

Her betales for:

  • Opstaldning m service (Værdi: 2150kr pr/mdr)
  • Daglig træning af hesten (Værdi: 350kr pr/dag – 5 dage ugentligt – 7000kr pr/mdr)
  • Wrap og foder efter behov