Who am I

I have been working with horses, professionally, since 2007. I have been riding horses in most disiplins since i started riding as a child, before i found my right place in the Academic art of Riding.

I have through the years specialized in rehabilitation of the horses with physical injuries or defficulties, and retraining the horses with ”mentalt” issues.

In the most recent years, i have teached and trained many Icelandic horses and their riders.

I have a greate preference to theese formidable four legged creatures, the Horses.


Through the years, i have always had greate joy in gathering knowledge about the horses in every aspect.

I have studied-, and participated in clinics and lectures about, body language, communication, behavior, biomecanics, anatomy, hooftrimming, feeding and the digestion system og the horse, and more.

further education is important to me, and i have made it a part of my everyday life.

I have since 2014 been a licenseret Bent Branderup® Trainer.

Tests passed:

  • Groundwork/ Longe (2014)
  • Squire test (2012)
  • Knight test (2013)

Besides beeing commited with the horses, I have my family at home.

My husband, Chi Hou and our son Gabriel.