Maria D. Cheung

To Maria horses have been a passion since childhood, and since 2004 her focus have been on the Academic Art of Riding.

She is schooled by Bent Branderup, Michelle Wolf, Christoffer Dahlgren and Katrin Wallberg, and have through the years ridden and educated a number of different horses.

In 2012 passed Maria The Squire test with her horse Nande, which she has educated from start. Later in 2013 the two passed the The Knighthood test, and in 2014 they passed The Lounge & Groundwork test.
Maria is currenlty training for the Piaff test with her horse Denjo, which she re-schooled in the fall of 2014 and have been training ever since.

Since 2014 she has been a Licensed Branderup Trainer.

In order to keep her education updated and conctantly building upon her knowledge, she participates actively in clinics, workshops about biomechanics, behaviour, management, training and the like. Furthermore she participates in the annual trainer workshops, summer academy and clinics in The Academic Art of Riding under different teachers.